What is the responsibility of a Scout bringing home Patrol Equipment?

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How to Clean & Dry a Tent – After each trip one of the Scouts who shared a tent will bring it home to clean and dry it. This is very important! Please be sure he follows these directions. It will ensure the tents are properly maintained and that they retain their water proof protection. If the tents are not opened and dried when they get home they can get mold and mildew. If everyone follows the below instructions our equipment will last longer and we will be able to better control equipment costs.

IMPORTANT: Tents must be returned at the next meeting following the trip. We have had problems getting equipment returned in a timely manner. Scouts may be charged late fees of $5 per week if equipment is turned late. Do not force tents into the bag and do not force the zipper. Scouts may be responsible for torn bags and broken zippers if tents are not folded properly and forced into bags.

  1. Open up the tent as soon as you get it home. You can spread it out in your garage if you cannot open it outside.
  2. Take the tent outside in the sun and make sure all of the tent and its parts are dry.
    1. Setup the tent. (Instructions are sewn into the bag)
    2. Open the tent and remove and dirt and debris.
    3. Using a damp rag wipe off any dirt on the tent including the bottom.
    4. Make sure nothing is missing or damaged (tent, rain fly, boot mat, 3 poles, pole bag, stake bag, tent bag).
      If anything is damaged or missing please send an email with the tent # detailing the problem to your Patrol Leader and the Scoutmaster so that it can be fixed.
    5. Once the tent is dry, repack it.
    6. Bring it back to the next meeting after the trip.

How to Clean a Patrol Kit – The Patrol Leader will assign a different Scout on each trip to take home the Patrol’s equipment to clean it, check that all of the major components are present, and restock things like paper towels and aluminum foil.

  1. Remove everything from the Patrol Kit. (Photograph your Patrol Kit as you take it apart so you know how it goes back together)
  2. Rewash the pots and utensils.
  3. Make sure everything in the kit is properly dried/closed/secured/capped/etc.
  4. Wipe out the Rubbermaid Action Packer box. Make sure it is clean and dry.
  5. Review the Patrol Kit list and compare it to what is in the kit. Make sure your Patrol Leader knows if anything is missing.
  6. Return it at the meeting following the camping trip.