New Parents

Welcome New Parents to Troop 101!

Your son has joined an exciting group of outdoors minded friends. You too can join in on the excitement. We camp each month and you are welcome to join our Adult Patrol and participate in our trips. You are welcome to observe the Scouts in their activities and help plan the adult activities as well. Our adults work as their own Patrol and set a great example for our Scouts. We setup camp, cook, clean, and play as a Patrol. Of course this is the Scouts Troop so our activities are focused on them. Sometimes we only get to watch but other times we participate as well!

We know you have questions and we created this section of our website just for you. Browse through the Parents section and if you don’t find what you are looking for please ask our Adult Leaders for help or guidance. We are all volunteers who once stood right where you are and asked the same questions.

New Parent Material

*included in New Scout Welcome Folder


Important Information pertaining to Medical Forms
Part A & B must be fully completed as per the online instructions for everyone (Scouts and parent) weekend camping with the Troop. Besides Parts A & B, Part C must be completed by a doctor for everyone attending summer camp.