Camping with Troop 101

What happens on camping trips? What does my son need when he goes camping? Can I go? What do I need? All good questions and ones we will try to answer here. If you still have questions (and you should!) please speak to the Scoutmaster Staff.

What happens on camping trips?

Camping Trips start on Friday evenings and end on Sunday. We usually depart from the Morganville United Methodist Church on the Friday night of the trip at 6:00pm. We try to depart from the campsite on Sunday at around 10:00am. Everyone attending the trip is expected to be at the Church prior to the departing time. We ask those driving to call the parents of those Scouts they are driving about 30 minutes before they arrive back at the Church on Sunday.

Each Trip is different but most follow the same format: We depart on Friday night and arrive that same evening at our destination. We setup camp (individual tents and personal equipment) that night. We usually have a Cracker Barrel, an evening snack time. We wake up Saturday morning to Reveille at 6:30am. We setup our kitchens and prepare breakfast. Next we do our morning activity. The activities are usually detailed on the Trip flyer. At noon we have our lunch followed by our afternoon activity. Dinner is cooked over an open fire or using a Dutch Oven. Saturday night is the Scouts time to hold a campfire and make a dessert for the Cracker Barrel. Lights out are at 10:00pm. Talking that would disturb others is not allowed from lights out to Reveille.

On Sunday we cook breakfast and breakdown camp. Usually there are no activities planned for Sunday. When time permits we hold what is called a Scout’s Own Service, a nondenominational service. We also have a reflective time where we discuss what we all need to Start, Stop, and Continue doing. This is a nonjudgmental exercise designed to get everyone thinking about what we did and how we can improve our Troop and the activities we choose to do.

Can I pickup my son early from a Trip?

Our schedules do not always allow Scouts to fully enjoy our trips. Sometimes they have other commitments and we fully understand. We do ask you to understand that the Troop and the individual Patrols are Teams. It is our goal to develop these teams and to teach our Scouts to be great leaders. To this end the Scouts need to fully participate to get the most out of the program and the Patrol, as a Team, needs full participation to run smoothly.

The Trips start and end at the parking lot of the Morganville United Methodist Church. If your son cannot start or end with the troop than you must speak to the Scoutmaster prior to the Trip deadline. We start and end together because the Scouts work as a team to setup and breakdown camp. They also sleep in pairs and if someone leaves or arrives separately arrangements have to be made to move Scouts and their equipment. The Scouts also bring some Patrol Equipment home for maintenance and it’s only fair to the whole Patrol that everyone takes a turn.

What does my son need when he goes camping?

We have a list of what needs to be packed for weekend trips and for Summer Camp. Please do not overpack! Remember, your son has to carry everything! It is also important to have a proper Backpack. It will be much easier for your son to hike to the campsite.

Can I go?

All parents are welcome. We are sorry but siblings are not able to camp with us. We do have family events where your whole family is invited. These events will be clearly advertised as a family event. You will be a part of the Adult Patrol. You will be responsible for helping cook, clean and do any other Adult Patrol duties.

You can observe your son during the trip but we ask that you refrain from entering the Patrol areas. Parents are not allowed in or near the tents. These are private areas and your son is not the only Scout in that tent. The Scoutmaster Staff will work with the Scouts in the Patrol areas within the guidelines of the Scouting Program.

All Adults camping with Troop 101 are required to maintain BSA Youth Protection Training Certification. Once you have completed the course please printout the certificate and provide it to the Scoutmaster.

What do I need if I camp?

Start with the Scouts packing list. You may want to add a good air mattress. You will also need a tent and a mess kit. Your camping fee will cover our food and propane costs. The Troop has the necessary kitchen equipment for feeding the adults.

Checking for Ticks!

You son’s will be taught about ticks but everyone who goes outdoors should know about and check for ticks. Please double check your son whenever he comes home from a camping trip. You need to check for Ticks all year long! Learn more here.

My son has brought home some Patrol Equipment. What does he need to do?

TENT – After each trip one of the Scouts who shared a tent will bring it home to clean and dry it. This is very important! Please be sure he follows these directions. It will ensure the tents are properly maintained and that they retain their water proof protection. If the tents are not opened and dried when they get home they can get mold and mildew. If everyone follows the below instructions our equipment will last longer and we will be able to better control equipment costs.

  1. Open up the tent as soon as you get it home. You can spread it out in your garage if you cannot open it outside.
  2. Take the tent outside in the sun and make sure all of the tent and its parts are dry.
    1. Setup the tent. (Instructions are sewn into the bag)
    2. Open the tent and remove and dirt and debris.
    3. Using a damp rag wipe off any dirt on the tent including the bottom.
    4. Once the tent is dry repack it.
    5. Bring it back within 2 meetings.

Patrol Kit – The Patrol Leader will assign a different Scout on each trip to take home the Patrol’s equipment to clean it, check that all of the major components are present, and restock things like paper towels and aluminum foil.

  1. Remove everything from the Patrol Kit. (Photograph your Patrol Kit as you take it apart so you know how it goes back together)
  2. Rewash the pots and utensils.
  3. Make sure everything in the kit is properly closed/secured/capped/etc.
  4. Wipe out the Rubbermaid Action Packer box.
  5. Review the Patrol Kit list and compare it to what is in the kit. Make sure your Patrol Leader knows if anything is missing.
  6. Return it at the meeting following the camping trip.