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Are you Interested in Learning more about Scouting in Marlboro/Morganville?

Troop 101 was founded in 2011 to meet the Scouting requirements of Marlboro/Morganville. Our Troop believes in traditional Scouting values including providing our Scouts with a Scout run Troop which teaches our youth to make decisions and lead other Scouts. Our Troop also is a fully uniformed Troop which is a symbol of the BSA. It tells others that you are a Scout and represents Scouting’s history of service to the nation and the world. Wearing uniforms allows Scouts to show that they are equals and that they share values and beliefs. The Scout uniform is also a sign that you are a person who can be trusted and that you will lend a hand whenever help is needed.

Troop 101 camps most months (see our calendar on our website for details). Our Scouts work as a team with our Leaders to pick the Troop trips. Each year the Scouts select new trips which must be new and different from the previous year. Each summer the Troop spends a full week at one of the Boy Scouts accredited Summer Camps. As part of our tradition, we rotate through several Camps so our Scouts can experience what different camps have to offer. Our Scouts have also participated in National and World Scout Jamborees. In 2017 (the most recent Jamboree) Troop 101 was the largest contingent in Monmouth Council sending over 20 Scouts and 2 Leaders.

A picture of our Scouts doing what Scouts do is worth more than I can ever explain. Please  enjoy our Troop in Action through our Slideshow!

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