Trail to Eagle

trailtoeagleSignificance of the Eagle Scout Rank

The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 2 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1912. Nevertheless, the goals of Scouting—citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness—remain important for all Scouts, whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.


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Orientation for Scouts First Class

A Scout’s Trail to Eagle begins when he obtains the Rank of First Class. During your First Class Scoutmaster Conference you will discuss you future in the Troop and what to expect as you begin to prepare for you Journey to Eagle!

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When you obtain the Rank of Star you will have an initial meeting with the Troop’s Eagle Scout Coordinator. The Troop’s Eagle Scout Coordinator will help you develop a plan to obtain all of the requirements needed to reach the rank of Eagle Scout.

here Life

You will begin a series of meetings with the Eagle Scout Coordinator and/or other members of the Troop Committee that can discuss what to expect when you complete the Rank of Life and begin preparing for the Rank of Eagle.

You will discuss ideas for an Eagle Scout Service Project and will prepare a proposal that must be approved by the Troop’s Eagle Scout Coordinator, the Scoutmaster, the recipient organization, and the Council’s Eagle Scout Coordinator.

Once your proposal is approved you must prepare a detailed report of your work utilizing the Official BSA Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927. Through a series of meetings and with the approval of the Troop’s Eagle Scout Coordinator work can then begin on your project.

A Troop Sponsored Mandatory Project Management Class with emphasis on the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook will be provided.

Communicating with the Troop

Eagle Scout Candidates have several methods to communicate with the Troop about their project. All of these communications should be detailed in your Project Workbook as part of your Communications Plan.

  1. Announcement – Scouts can make short announcements at the end of any Troop meeting.
  2. how to buy cheap noroxin Presentation – Eagle Scout Candidates can request, through the PLC, time at a Troop meeting to go into details concerning their Project. It is recommended that the presentation be educational in nature and be a benefit to all attending the meeting. When requesting time at the PLC, remember that the PLC is planning 30-60 days in advance.
  3. Email – Email is a great reminder. The Troop tries to keep emails to a minimum so remember this when asking to send a Troop-wide email. The content of your email should be sent to the Troop’s Eagle Scout Coordinator for approval and then to the Troop’s Committee Chair for final approval and dissemination.
  4. Google Forms – Google Forms are a great way to organize signup sheets. Create a form online and include a link in your Troop-wide email!

Orientation for Parents

A Parent Orientation will be made available to all parent’s of Scouts who are Star or Life Rank. Topics covered will include:

  • What to expect when your Scout begins his Trail to Eagle.
  • Forms and other Paperwork the Scout is responsible for.
  • What is expected of Parents? What are there roles and responsibilities?
    • Court of Honor

Eagle Scout Project

The Eagle Scout project can be a large and complex Project. Many aspects of Project Management will be incorporated into this process. This Project is the culmination of all the Leadership and Time Management Skills a Scout has learned combined with new skills in Project Management that will be taught once the Scout obtains the Rank of Life.

Eagle Scout Board of Review

The Eagle Scout Board of Review will be comprised of 3-6 adults. The Chairperson of the Board shall be the Troop Committee Chairperson or the Advancement Chairperson. Members will include Committee Members and a Monmouth Council representative. Parents and Scoutmaster Staff are not permitted to attend the Board of Review.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

The Eagle Scout Court of Honor will be held at the Morganville United Methodist Church unless a private venue is selected by the Eagle Scout’s family. All special decorations, food and miscellaneous expenses are the responsibility of the Eagle Scout’s family. The COH script must be submitted to and approved by the Troop Committee Chairperson and Scoutmaster at least three weeks prior to the COH. This allows time for practice and arrangements.

The Troop will request Congratulatory Letters and will present the Eagle Scout with the Letters once they have arrived. Please plan accordingly if you would like these Letters at the Court of Honor. The requests for these letters cannot be sent until after the Eagle Scout has successfully passed his Board of Review.