Flag Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Have the scouts offstage, ready holding the flags. The US Flag is on the right and the Troop flag on the left.

Leader: “Color Guard, Attention!”

Leader: “Audience, Please Rise!”

Leader: “Scout Salute! Those not in uniform, please place your right hand over your heart.”
Leader: “Color Guard, Forward March!”

Wait for color guard to reach the front

Leader: “Color Guard, Halt!”

Leader: “Color Guard, Cross the Colors!”

US Flag crosses in front of troop flag. Wait for flag bearers to move to the flag pole stands

Leader: “Please recite the Pledge of Allegiance!”

Leader: “TWO!”

Everyone drops salute

Leader: “Scout Sign!”

Everyone raises right hand making the Scout sign or Cub Scout sign

Leader: “Please join us in reciting the Scout Law and Scout Oath!”

Leader: “TWO!”

Everyone drops Scout sign

Leader: “Color Guard, Post the Flag of the United States of America! “

Leader: “Color Guard, Post the Flag of Troop 101! “

Leader: “Color Guard, Honor your Colors!”

Flag bearers salute the US flag

Leader: “Color Guard, return to ranks!”

Wait for flag bearers return to formation

Leader: “Audience, Please be seated!”


Closing Ceremony

The Color Guard leader brings room to order. (Raise the Scout sign if needed.)

Leader: “Will the Audience please rise?”

Let audience rise.

Leader: “Color Guard, Advance.”

Color Guard goes to front of room and divides up equally beside each flag.

Leader: “Color Guard, Retrieve the Colors. SCOUT SALUTE.”

The color guard walks back out double-file.

Leader: “TWO”

“Audience, thank you for joining us.”

“Color guard, dismissed.”