Cell Phone Policy

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Cell Phones are not allowed at Summer Camp or any Troop 101 camping Trip for any Scouts. If Scouts have them they will be taken and stored for the remainder of the trip. Cell phones frequently get lost or damaged at camp. Texting or talking to parents, especially at night, is a major contributor to homesickness. Playing games or texting is contradictory to the team building we are trying to foster.

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here Home Sickness
Scouts sometimes become homesick, this is normal and expected. Our Scoutmaster Staff is well trained and experienced in dealing with homesickness. One sure way to undo the Scoutmaster Staff’s efforts is for the Scout to talk (or text) their parent when they are homesick. If this happens, it is in our experience, that the Scout will often go home. If a Scout is home sick, has a cell phone and contacts home – The Scout’s parents will be called to come pick up their son immediately. We understand it is often several hours to camp. We understand it may be late at night. We understand you may have work the following day. To avoid this scenario please leave cell phones at home.