Troop 101 was founded in Morganville, NJ in 2011—the 101st year of Scouting! Chartered by the Morganville United Methodist Church, we meet at the Morganville Independent Volunteer Firehouse on Route 79.

We are a Scout-led troop with Leader-based guidance. The Aims and Methods of Boy Scouting are integral to our structure and inspire our monthly major activity, whether it’s a camping weekend, a high adventure outing, or a day trip. See our About Us page for a better look at our Program, community service projects, and how we function with our Scouts as leaders.

Our parents are encouraged to allow their Scouts to learn through their own successes and failures, knowing that a team of dedicated, experienced Leaders will be there to guide them through their Scouting journey.

What do our Scouts do?

Troop 101 will help you do everything, from the intellectual to the physical! Did you ever think you could earn your Aviation Merit Badge on a Navy airfield? Or have FBI Photographers help you earn your Photography Merit Badge? Join us for projects like these:

  • Visit a battleship
  • Hike Gettysburg
  • Learn how to build a fire
  • Cook a pizza in the woods (using a cardboard box!)
  • Discover your country and community
  • Learn about your religion and others
  • Participate in all kinds of Community Service projects

Boy Scouts do High Adventure like you’ve never seen! Take a thrilling ride down Delaware River rapids on a whitewater rafting trip, or float a little more calmly in a canoe through New Jersey’s Pinelands. Mountain biking, high ropes, horseback riding, rock climbing, ziplining, and much more await you with Troop 101!

Scouts love nature, too! Have you ever wanted to see a Bald Eagle in the wild? Come and backpack to places you never knew existed and look out across mountain ranges from the next state over. Understand the majesty of nature and the beauty of our country first hand.

Check out our year’s calendar under the Activities tab at the top of the page!

What are Scouts about? Check out the YouTube Channel!


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    The BSA's Testing and Evaluation Team wants you (yes, you) to join the Scouting Research Panels. Your opinions will determine changes to Scouting programs.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy your family and friends today but let us also remember those serving our country that cannot be with their families today.

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  • President Ford's Distinguished Eagle Scout Award is on display in the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom